Sarbari Chowdhury
was born and brought up
in Jamshedpur, India.
She is an engineer by
training, currently
working at a
semiconductor company,
Intel. She began writing
short stories about 5
years ago. Her work has
been published in
multiple newspapers and
magazines, including
‘The Statesman’ Kolkata.
Her passions are
traveling and reading.
She lives in Phoenix, USA
with her husband
Debashis and two
children Shilpika and

'The stories have great poignancy and charm. I
like the simple way the stories are told, which
make them very effective.’
-     Shyam Benegal, Film Director, Member of
Parliament, India

'A rich, humane work. Undoubtedly some of the
best short stories I have read.'
-        Bivas Biswas, Filmmaker,  Arizona
We look around us at people.
But can we identify the angels
that walk among us?

When life suddenly takes an
unexpected excruciating twist,
it is then that the angels

A man falls off a train in the
night …. Murder or suicide?
And what about the body?

A dark stain in a man’s DNA –
how will he face his child?

Be careful what you ask for as
a gift – you may actually get

A concrete world – will it heed
an old woman’s memories?

Do not ignore your fellow
passengers during a trip, one
of them may amaze you …
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©2009 -  Sarbari Chowdhury
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Reader comments:

"I started reading it and I am
thrilled with the stories. When is
the next one coming?"   Manuel

" Just read "The Gift" (first story)'s mindblowing.. "
Tanuka Ghosal