A few years back - 5 to be exact, the editor of our local Bengali Community magazine asked me to write
'something' for the Durga Puja issue.

Well, I guess, he must have been really short of content, because, I had no reputation as a writer. That,
however, got me started with my writing.

The first story was - Memories ...

Since then I have contiued to write, on and off, always short stories. Too lazy to write a novel .... maybe,
just maybe, someday.

Friends and famiy who read the stories seemed to actually like them. A few of these stories even got
published in newspapers and web magazines.

My husband, Debashis, himself an author, has been asking me to get my work published, but again, just
did not happen. What with demanding a full time job, two young children, other community commitments -
President of the India Association of Phoenix, President of the Bengali Cultural Association, and of course
enjoying myself, the writing took a back seat.

Then, in December 2008, my brother, Rajat IM'd me - 'I have a contact for a publisher - get off your
behind and get me your manuscript - need at least 140 pages. I need it by the end of the month.'

Of course, that was the streach goal - finally, last night (Jan 22, 2009), I completed the manuscript and the
cover art and sent it off.

This book would not have been possible without the help of a number of other people. My sincere gratitude
to all of them.

My family:

Debashis, my husband who painstakingly read my stories and supported and encouraged me
throughout the process.

Rajat Ghosh, my brother, the inspiration - who helped me with all the publishing details and gave me
that final push to make this book happen.

Shilpika and Abhik, my children, who gave me creative feedback on the stories and also gave me time
away from them while writing and kept my spirits up.  

Dr. Chuni Bhushan Ghosh and Sabita Ghosh, my parents, who encouraged me all the way.

My friends:

 Jean Cappello, who read and edited all the stories, on a very tight schedule.

Barnali Banerjee and Rupanjana Sengupta, who read each story as I wrote them and
encouraged me to continue.

And all the wonderful people who have nurtured my writing all through the years -Thank you.
The story of this book